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Prius parking brake error message

This error was on the dashboard " malfunction when parking, park in a flat place and apply parking brake securely". When I let off the brake the car rolled. I took a photo to document the warning message ( plus have 2 witnesses). I have the error code Transmission P lock is abnormal park on a flat surface and fully engage parking brake. Experience: Toyota Master ASE Certified, Prius/ Highlander/ Camry Hybrid Certified, trained in all areas. Do you have to try to start your Prius several times before it starts? You may get the message " P LOCK MALFUNCTION WHEN PARKING, PARK IN FLAT PLACE AND APPLY PARKING BRAKE SECURELY. " Lot of other strange problems. Hello everyone, Thanks to this forum, I was able to get the ignition coils replaced on my prius. I' ll get the fault code list on Monday but he was just describing the fault codes associated with each of the above ECU' s. Hello, I had an incompetent mechanic replace my AC converter, removing all the dash and when putting it back together, I now have this error code locking the parking brake and not allowing. I jumped it and it started right up. leaving this message on the dash. Parking malfunction.

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    Error prius parking

    Park on level surface. Be sure the parking brake is secure. I receive the p lock malfunction when parking error. I have a Prius that I' m taking from Florida to Minnesota. I drove it around in. It said " There is a problem with the transmission " P" lock mechanism Park your your car on a flat surface and fully apply the parking brake. A month or two ago I started getting the error message on my screen while driving. Park you car on a flat surface and fully apply the parking brake. I saw that warning in a Prius that just had it' s transmission tely I have this message came up whenever I start the engine : Caution There is a problem with the. " P" lock mechanism Park your your car on a flat surface and fully apply the parking brake, with a red traingle. You can either use a voltmeter ( $ 25 at radio shack) or put your Prius in maintenance mode ( see: Checking 12v. Can it be that the rodents chewed through some wires that are causing the error message to reappear despite having a brand new battery?

    Vehicle: Prius v wagon. Finally, I saw an error message for about 1 second on the display last night when I was trying to get it to do it again,. Please park your vehicle on a level surface and engage the parking brake.