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Bound mismatch error in java

Your ViewModelHelper class extends AbstractViewModel< IRefreshPostViewCallback >, no matter what R1 really is. In the class ViewModelHelper. Your Item class is implementing the raw form of the Comparable interface. You should have it implement the generic form, by declaring a type parameter on Item itself. Then, ExpandableArrayList can implement the generic. The problem is that HomePage is a Page< SecuredPage> and not a Page< HomePage>. The login method would return a Page< HomePage> from its generic signature. You must make the generic parameter of HomePage. If you are adding a Song to ImmutableBinaryTree song must satisfy the bounds of the type parameter on ImmutableBinaryTree, meaning it must implement the Comparable interface since the type parameter specifies the. The problem here is that the Type in the interface ( T) is bound to extend C, therefore you are saying it must inherit from C. In your class which gives the implementation you don' t specify any bounds on the Type of parameter T. I think you' ve messed your question up. This compiles for me: import java. Serializable; interface IBaseDAO < T, PK extends Serializable> { } interface IEntityDAO< T extends BaseEntity> extends IBaseDAO< T, Integer>.

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    Bound error mismatch

    If you look at the Javadocs, you' ll see that getPrincipals( ) is now defined to take a Class< T extends Principal> - - i. , a Class object representing a subclass of Principal. Your code has to take this into account, for example,. If I understand your question, this class BinarySearchTree< T extends Comparable