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403 forbidden error in ajax post call

this document can help te that you can' t send headers for jsonp request, it is a script request. Are you sure you want jsonp and not json? GET has no request contentType since there is no body content being sent. Also, you have a typo here, but,. Using Spring Security with Java configuration, CSRF protection is enabled by default. In this context, if you make an Ajax request to a REST endpoint using POST method, you will get a csrf token missing error. I had the same problem, you need to add the CSRF headers into the AJAX POST request. Take a look at Cross Site Request Forgery. I' m not at my development system at the moment so can' t post an example, but using the. There' s a few possibilities here.

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    Forbidden call ajax

    A 403 on shared hosting USUALLY means that there' s a permissions issue on the file you' re trying to contact. Basically, the web server is saying, " No, I' m not going to allow you to access or run. For security issues cross domain ajax call are not allowed in standard way ( follow this link). If you really want to send a remote Ajax call to the other domain you should do in a different way. take a look at JSONP. By this way your POST request can work, because the POST request is a preflighted- request. Most likely, that' s where your Ajax request is being blocked at by the server with a 403 Forbidden cause you did not post the csrfmiddlewaretoken, so Django forbid you. this document can help you. Since you' re sending a POST request, the parameters you need to send should not be a part of the URL. Try sending the parameters like: request = $. ajax( { url: urlAction, data: { id: id}, type: " POST", contentType:. 403 error forbidden error, it may occur by when you are trying to such page or URL that is not permitted,. < html> ; < head> ; < title> send an AJAX request< / title> ; < / head> ; < body> ; < h1> jQuery post form data using. ajax( ) method< / h1> ; < div> Fill.