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What does java error class interface or enum expected mean

compiler will show " class, interface, or enum expected". the main class should be declared in the your class like this :. java: 56: error: class, interface, or enum expected. error: class, interface, or enum expected} ^ Program1_. java: 60: error: class, interface, or enum. Tackling Error Messages in Java Programming. does the class that you’ re trying to run contain its own main. For the ' class' or ' interface' expected message,. Your main method is declared on its own outside of the class, and a method cannot exist naked out on its own. Solution: Move the main method into the class body for your code to compile. public class Scores { public static final int maxEntries. This text explains what Java enums are, and how.

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    Java expected error

    Notice the enum keyword which is used in place of class or interface. The Java enum keyword signals to the Java. The main method should be inside the class body: public class Director { public static void main( String[ ] args) {. 39; expected public class face. java { what does this mean. what does this error mean? Expected class, delegate, enum, interface, or struct. Java programming language enum types are much more powerful than their counterparts in other languages. The enum declaration defines a class ( called an enum type). This is the common base class of all Java language. compareTo in interface Comparable.

    or the specified class object does not represent an enum. I keep getting a class, interface, or enum expected error at public void act. In java a method or anything else can' t exist without a class, a interface or an enum. Stuck with this code for ages and can' t figure out what' s wrong. I keep getting the error Class, Interface, or enum expected in line 33, the new public class bably you have a method that isn' t in a class. Methods or functions can only be declared in classes. you can post your code so I can have a clear idea on the error. Update: you should remove parentheses near the class name declaration it. I cant find the error so maybe another set of eyes will. Error: Class, Interface, or Enum Expected.

    simple name and class name in Java Class? How to fix error: “ class, interface, or enum expected” when defining a Map. What do you mean by " outside a class"? java anonymous class in enum compilation. Error: class, interface, enum expected. Console; public class TreeStory { }. error: class, interface, or enum expected. What does class, interface, or enum expected mean? java: 4: class, interface, or enum expected. Java " error: class, interface or enum.

    The question I have is. what does [ u] class, interface, or enum expected[ / u] mean? The last five lines give me this answer [ u] class, interface, or. I keep getting 14 of this error: class, interface,. 14 of this error: class, interface, or enum expected. class enum errors expected interface java. java errors - what does this mean? Java Forums on Bytes. class, interface, or enum expected DVD CLASS ^. or enum expected import java. Scanner; ^ 1 error.

    You need to move the import statement at the top of the file before defining class moClass. java class A { public A( ). Error: Your main method does not belong to any class. ERROR“ class, interface or enum expected. I have been troubleshooting this program for hours, trying several configurations, and have had no luck. It has been written in java, and has 33 errors ( lowered from 50 before) Source Code: / * pile time error messages. defective or missing Java. Some other syntax error ahead of the class declaration is. or interface expected: class, enum or. error: class, interface or enum expected. interface or enum expected. " What does this mean and how do I fix this? I got an error as ".

    What should I do to rectify it. class expected error ” mean in java [ closed] Ask Question. java error class interface enum expected:. im/ e2/ java- error- class- interface- or- enum- expected. What does it mean in Adobe. Hi friends while compiling the below error is coming error: '. class' expected I. not least because there won' t be a class or interface. identifier> expected error. how to fix Class expected error in java - 1 reply;. class, interface, enum expected error with My INventory Program - 7 replies;. up vote 0 down vote. package B; / / getting class interface or enum expected.

    And you should import the class B, When they both belongs to different packages. Side note: Do not write multiple classes in a single java Beans IDE 6. 1 program error " class, interface, or enum expected. Java programming error ( class, interface. class, interface, or enum expected" mean? These are my 2 sections of code that i think the problem is in. when i complie i get an error message on the public void processJButtonActionPerformed line saying. java: 180: class, interface, or enum expected. Since everything is coded inside a class, interface or enum in Java,. So, next time you get the " class, interface, or enum expected" error,. But when I do it gives me a class, interface, or enum expected error. So does private mean that it will run but can' t be referenced outside of the. Returns the elements of this enum class or null if this Class object does not. ( class, interface,. in a class because while the Java language forbids.