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Error incompatible types in java

That shadows java. String, and then ( as you discovered) it is very difficult to use the other String. / / You could still use java. String text = " Hello" ;. Java Syntax Error: Incompatible types. Unsubscribe from jsyersiii? Cancel Unsubscribe. SubscribeSubscribedUnsubscribe 7. その広告の内容がコチラ Javaちゃんからの問題 Q. 次のうちエラーにならずに型変換 出来ているのはどっち? int i = ( int) " 123" ; int i.

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    Types java error

    実行結果: Main. java: 4: error: incompatible types: String cannot be converted to int int i = ( int) " 123" ;. You declare extra as an int and then make it a double. int extra; extra = minutesOver *. 20 / / error here / / example 6 *. java: 6: error: incompatible types: possible lossy conversion from double to float. 型の変数に代入しています。 エラーにはなりませんが、 int型の最大値に 置き換わってしまって精度が保証さず、 意図しない値となっています。. On the password line, you' re adding Integers( When you want to be concatenating them) and putting it into a string without an explicit cast. You' ll have to use Integer. So like this password = Integer. toString( generator. プログラムをコンパイルした時に表示されるエラー「 incompatible types in assignment 」 について紹介します。. addMinutes does not return a value ( void return type). Instead, it changes the state of the Time object it is called on. Either, change the method to return the time after it is done, like: public Time addMinutes( int mins) { this.

    String and int are two different types, and in contrast to Integer and int, there is no compiler- magic to turn the one into the other automatically. But there are various helper methods to work around this, like: String asString. You need to cast your return to an int public static int getLowInt( ) { return ( int) lowInt; }.