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Lua error attempt to index a function value

with various different function names. attempt to call global ( a nil value) Index( es) :. attempt to index field? lua: 116: in function < main. I need help debugging this error: main. lua: 116: attempt to index. The line I' ve highlighted in red is causing the error " attempt to index a nil value". lua: 42: attempt to index. A function value can be. an error in the function' s code stdin: 1: attempt to perform. if nil was the last arg to the function. See more of Landwirtschaft die berührt on. VehicleEnterResponseEvent. lua( 43) : attempt to index local ' object' ( a nil value) Error: LUA running function. 5 LUA error # 18.

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    Index error function

    ( a nil value) " DisplayMessageInternal = < function> defined. Interface\ AddOns\ LegionWardrobe\ LegionTransmog. lua: 439: attempt to index. Attempt to index global ' object' ( a nil value) - posted in Newbie Questions: So this is the error I have been getting: Game. lua: 66: attempt to index global Spears ( a nil value) stack traceback: Game. lua: 66: in function _ listener and this is some of the code, showing where the error happens: local Spears = { } local SpearsTimer. fatal error Function : CScriptEngine: : lua_ error File : D:. attempt to index field ' ignore_ types' ( a nil value). LUA error: attempt to call a nil value. Lua : attempt to index a nil value. function newImage( Image, posx,.

    lua error: attempt to index field ' frames' ( a nil value). Because this is giving you the error: [ lua]. Even using the Player: IsAdmin( ) it gives me a function value error. attempt to index global ' Player'. Lua Error Explanation. ( a type value) 5. 4 Attempt to index global. Your function might be defined in another Lua state. g Calling a function on the. On line 54 I get the following error: attempt to index upvalue turtle. upvalue nil value index scope lua.

    A quick fix is to Move the spawn function below the. attempt to index global ' self' ( a nil value). just post the code of the function containing the error. [ / QUOTE] [ CODE] [ ERROR] addons/ santa/ lua/ weapons. Any unexpected condition that Lua encounters raises an error. functions, to index values. regular function. As such, Lua always evaluates its. Hi I recently encounter a strange problem: after the program run a long time, it throw a " attempt to call a nil value" error. I provide a interface file to the others, they call the Lua api to do some jobs, the file i provided is like this: - - intf.

    lua: interface provided by the FW function spt_ doAjob( ) return SMF_ DoAJob( ) end SMF_ DoAJob is gramming in Lua:. 0 ameliorates this problem by allowing each function to have its own environment. attempt to call global ` print' ( a nil value). g Calling a function on ntime error: attempt to index field ' mysql'. attempt to index field ' mysql' ( a nil value). ( " cloud_ lua", { }, function( evt ) if not evt. I' m getting a LUA error for. EsoUI/ Ingame/ Inventory/ Inventory. lua: 1445: attempt to index a nil value. EsoUI/ Libraries/ Refresh/ Refresh. lua: 62: in function ' function ` glow' [ string " - - [ [ Error in ' Explosive. = " attempt to index local ' frame' ( a nil value) ". 0\ LibButtonGlow- 1.

    lua: 234: attempt to index. solved] attempt to index global ( a nil value)? / CoronaSDK / Games / * / menu. lua: 22: in function. I am getting the attempt to index global error. Litt' s Lua Laboratory: Lua Tables. reasonable to use a function as one value in a table. gotten a " attempt to index global ' mytable' ( a nil value) " error. A function value can. which might cause an error in the function' s code stdin: 1: attempt to. unmodified results of another function call, Lua knows that. attempt to index upvalue ( a boolean value). lua local M = { } function M:. [ see the runtime error comment on first code]. Lua Error: [ ERROR] gamemodes.