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Java process print error stream

print( ( char) c) ; } catch ( IOException x) { / / エラー処理 } } } public class Exec { public static void. getErrorStream( ) method gets the error stream of the subprocess. The stream obtains data piped from the error. exe" ) ; / / get the error stream of the process and print it InputStream error = p. After trying to handle different cases ( handling both stderr and stdout and not blocking any of these, terminate process. I do recommend everyone who needs to invoke external process in java to use Apache Commons cause you don' t know in which stream you will get the next line. Here' s a bit more complete piece of code to print out errors received upon running some command via Process/ Runtime: final String command = " / bin/ bash - c cat foo. app" ; Process p; try { p = Runtime. to execute the following command: " + command + " due to the following error( s) : " ) ; try ( final BufferedReader b = new BufferedReader( new InputStreamReader( p. I am trying to get the OutputStream of the Process initiated by exec( ) to the console. How can this be done? Here is some incomplete code: import java. BufferedReader; import java. File; import java.

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    Stream java error

    IOException; import java. The workaround I' m using is to call ProcessBuilder. redirectError( File). Then I' d read the file and use that to present the error stream to the user. It worked fine, didn' t lock. I did call Process. destroyForcibly( ) after Process. I' d also recommend that you use a ProcessBuilder over Process directly, as, apart from anything else, it allows you to redirect the output from the error stream into the input stream, allowing you to read just one stream instead. To only way in Java 6 or earlier is with a so called StreamGobbler ( which you are started to create) : StreamGobbler errorGobbler = new StreamGobbler( p. getErrorStream( ), " ERROR" ) ; / / any output? * ; class test { public static void main( String args[ ] ) { Scanner sc = new Scanner( System. in) ; String s = sc. nextLine( ) ; System. println( s) ; } }.

    I want to handle Input, Output and Error stream of the process cessBuilder is new in Java 5 and makes running external processes easier. Before this, you needed to have two separate Threads, one reading from stdout and one reading from stderr, to avoid the standard error buffer.